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Acne Facts

Acne Facts You Should Know

Posted by Clinton Medina on
Acne Facts You Should Know

Acne is a popular but very puzzling skin condition that affects everyone. Acne affects people of all walks of life. Only a small percentage of people does not experience acne at all. It usually starts while on puberty and goes on until adulthood. It is not life-threatening, but it can leave you scars physically and emotionally. Acne severity varies among people, mild acne can be one to ten zits, moderate acne is eleven to up to twenty-five zits and severe acne is more that twenty-five zits. Acne can also be an indication of some bigger, life threatening diseases. Although we have the most modern technology up to date, we have a very little understanding of the cause and treatment of acne. We still believe in the myths and misconception about this skin disorder.

As we all know acne is an inflamed pore caused by a bacteria infection. There are three main factors that affect acne namely; hormonal, nutrition and environment.

What Cause Acne?

It is hormonal cause change of hormonal levels while in puberty causes hormonal imbalance. This increase in hormones will also increase sebum production in our skin. This will make our face oily and it’s a breeding ground for bacteria that can in turn into infection of the pores. Next is nutrition, of course eating and living healthy can radiate to your skin. Eating the right foods help in minimizing acne. Eating greasy and sugary food may end up having effects on your acne. Last factor is environment, pollutants and irritants as well as humidity influence your skin. It can cause an acne breakout. Using also cosmetic products can also cause breakout. Components on these cosmetic products can irritate the skin and can cause acne.

Another cause is stress and anxiety. It has been long believed that our mind is linked to skin.